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Swords of Insurgency Story Secret

The Gulz

During the Apocalyptic Wars Emperor Taneg’s was losing ground to his enemies and had his scientists develop a secret weapon, lepraa X, a weaponized form of leprosy that progresses quickly and is much more contagious.  It had a devastating effect on his enemies and they were reduced to hordes of diseased mutants.  The victims also developed a taste for human flesh due to rapid progression and its effects on the nervous system. They developed into tribal communities and are known as the Gulz (a different spelling of the world Ghouls that are an undead creature know for a taste of human flesh). They will attack and devour anyone that crosses their path but they have a deep seated desire for revenge against the Empire.  Eventually after its quick progression the disease slows down to a crawl but the victims are already horrendous creatures at this point. Herbal remedies has been developed by remaining rebels that can stop an initial infection if caught quickly enough.



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