12977231_10154751636234377_2164491003817801426_oDecades have passed since the great apocalypse destroyed civilization. The world has now become a reincarnation of the dark ages, warlords rule and fight for domination. Firearms are now scarce and held only by a few who use it to maintain power; hand to hand warfare has returned as the dominant form of control or liberation against tyranny.

Our story begins with Abigail a proud warrior with dark past, now imprisoned in a brutal political prison, run by the Emperor Taneg and his son Droll, a demented psychopath with a disturbing infatuation for Abi.

On the outside a rebellion grows against the monstrous Taneg and his prison, Abigail must find a way to escape and join the rebels and their mysterious leader. But to what extent will she go? And what awaits her on the outside, is she stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire?

A vicious world has been formed and Abi will find out first hand what it takes to survive and what it means to be human, in world full of monsters.